Gautham Nanda

Money is the only element that is constant in the world and people change with it. Yes, we have to say that is true the way the world is moving. But can money be sufficient in a human’s life? We have to discuss about such kind of matters in depth, but as we are trying to dissect the movie, we will try to touch upon those issues too. GothamNanda is one decent attempt by Sampath Nandi to discuss these worldly things but is he able to engage us?

Plot : Goutham and Nanda (Gopichand) are two sides of a coin. While we can assign Goutham to Heads for being the well-mannered rich brat and then we have to assign, Tails to Nanda as he is a frustrated poor slum man. Goutham respects everyone while Nanda just respects himself. So, what will these two become if they shift their lives? Will Goutham be able to adjust to poverty and overcome his inner demons? Will Nanda understand that money is not the most valuable thing?

Performances : Gopichand has been missed by Telugu Cinema all these days. Yes, he made his presence felt in each scene he is part off. He did show variation to both the characters and tried his best to sink his teeth into both the characters. He did shoulder the movie mostly but the writing doesn’t help him as much as it should. In his character as Nanda, the actor had to show some negative shades and after a long time, he rocked the screen.

Hansika Motwani tried a de-glamour look but it is hard to believe her as a Slum girl. Her character doesn’t have a good enough journey and we feel sympathies for her because she had to accept an inconsequential role. Catherine Teresa looks highly glamorous in her role and she tried to act but writing did not help her either. Chandramohan, Sita, Mukhesh Rishi, Nikithin Dheer and Ajay are highly under utilised.

Technicalities : Writer and Director Sampath Nandi showed some maturity in his writing the way he started the movie. But his writing slides down as he introduces world of Nandu and he goes into full 80’s mould. He neither brings out the nuances of the characters nor he gives them characterisations after point of time. A writer should believe in his characters and should not resort to making them caricatures. After a point, Sampath made his Nanda a caricature and that hurts the overall plot.

As we have seen these kind of movies ever since Iddaru Mitrulu, Ramudu Bheemudu, Donga Mogudu, Rowdy Alludu and this movie doesn’t try to deviate from them. It tries to celebrate the 70’s and 80’s style of story telling. But as it is highly convoluted way of storytelling, the essence that he wanted to deliver with the characters. He failed in convincing us that the transformation is real. Music by SS Thaman impresses us for some parts but he doesn’t do a consistent job. His theme for main character is good and rest is completely routine. As per songs go, he did not care much about giving good tunes.

Cinematography by Sounder Rajan is highly inconsistent. Even though he tries to give some good concepts to highlight the point, VFX has completely let him done. Editing by Gautham Raju is not upto his mark. He doesn’t really do a great job in cutting out the unnecessary scenes that drag out the movie.

Analysis : A discussion about how money can change a person is rather too old and Sampath should have continued on the path he set in the fifteen minutes of the film. The movie tries to balance the equation between the good and evil sides of the same coin. The theory adds up but the execution doesn’t match to the level of the thought at all. We cannot really say that the whole movie is a bad film but it disappoints mostly.

Rating : 2.5/5

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