Garuda Vega

Cop thrillers and counter terrorism movies are not new to our Telugu Cinema. The pioneer of those movies, Rajasekhar is back with another action thriller as an NIA Agent. There are films like Ankusham, Agraham, Avesham and Magadu that made him the Angry Young Man of Telugu Cinema. He tried many films and failed to find a right subject for him. But he is back with a costly thriller and let’s see what he did in this one …

Plot : An NIA Agent, Sekhar (Rajasekhar) decides to give up on his job to save his marriage. His wife (Pooja Kumar) doesn’t really appreciate his lack of efforts to lead a normal family life and as he is about to quit, he crashes into a situation and starts investigating the case. A hacker Niranjan Iyer ( Adith Arun) tries to make money out of exposing a big scam and Sekhar mixes up on the wrong side trying to escape from the life threat. Is he able to do so? Watch the movie to know how..

Performances : Rajasekhar is back to doing what he does best, lending a great support to well written character. He pulls off the character of Sekhar well and looks mostly in form as an actor as well. Pooja Kumar is a bit irritating in her role. It is not her mistake but the writing and the character pushes her to perform so and she ends up being the weaklink.

Adith Arun, Shraddha Das, Posani Krishna Murali, Kishore and others are adequate. Even though Kishore gets a make over for his character, it doesn’t have much scope in the story.

Technicalities : Anji, Suresh Ragutu, Shyam Prasad, Gika Chelidze, Bakur Chikobava handled the cinematography of the movie. They all lend to keeping a good tone to the intense drama and even few shots to depict darkness work perfectly. This is a consistent job from them and they lend the film a good International look. Dharmendra Kakarala is good in the first half. He adds to the suspense factor with his cuts. But in the later half he falters in creating a good suspense and the dilution from script point of view should have been taken care by him.

Sri Charan Pakala, comes up with a good score to one song. He provides the movie with the apt score that lends a hand in sustaining the intensity in the movie. Praveen Sattaru takes many inspirations from old classic English thrillers and also, his story doesn’t have much newness to add to it. But his deft handling with a good screenplay helps him score good points in the first half. But he falters in the second half as he breaks the intensity to make it a comedy that ends up diluting all the good image created till then.

Analysis : Praveen Sattaru gets all the technical support to make a good thriller but he needed even tighter script that doesn’t deviate from the point. He needed to keep the well-built suspense intact but dilutes it completely. He starts out to make a die-hard and ends up making a Chinese comedy with some well planned thrills here and there. He keeps you glued till the end and you can give this one a try for a fun weekend.

Rating : 3/5

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