Garuda Vega is a Hollywood level film : Pooja Kumar

Remember the actress from Vishwaroopam of Kamal Haasan. Not Andrea but the actress who played the wife of Kamal. Yes, she also played actress in Uttama Villain movie. Well, she is now acting in a Telugu movie with Rajasekhar, PSV Garuda Vega. This Praveen Sattaru directorial is getting ready for a release and she met the press for a brief intetaction.

The actress said that she liked the script of the movie to accept the role of a wife to Rajasekhar in this movie. She said, “Praveen Sattaru approached me with a complete script and explained how pivotal is my character in the film. I enjoyed working with the team and my character will bring some smiles and also, emotional twist to the entire story!”

She further stated why she thinks the movie is do important to be watched on screen. “The VFX used in the movie is on Hollywood film level and the action is great. For Climax, we had to shoot on a no longer operational oil rig and that is completely tough. You will see me in the Climax and I don’t want to reveal much more than that,” said the actress. She concluded saying that she enjoys playing an house wife on screen as for 30 to 40 years, woman have to stay as housewives and there are different emotions to bring out in different characters. PSV Garuda Vega is releasing on 3rd of November.