Garuda Vega gets a true evil villain!

Hero Rajasekhar had been out of action for long. He tried to make a comeback with many routine run of the mill kind of movies but the actor did not find much success after Evadaithe Nakenti. He tried to completely change his route and made a horror with Ram Gopal Varma, Pattapagalu that did not get a release still. The actor has taken a long break for a year before he finalised on a script narrated by Chandamama Kathalu fame, Praveen Sattaru.

The movie in the direction of Praveen Sattaru is called, Garuda Vega PSV. The movie is about a snipper and Rajasekhar will be seen as an officer. The film has been in shooting from several months and the producers have ropped in Sunny Leone for a special song in the movie. Soon, they want to release the audio and video to start the promotions of the movie.

Well, the producers have also said, the movie will have the pure evil incarnation for a villain and Kishore did a great job of being one on screen. The character even though is crippled, the elaborate plans to hit the city will be sending chills through the spine as per the reports. The actor did his best in the role and although he had been seen in negative characters before, this one will be the best ever from the actor.

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