Garuda vega gave me recognition : Editor Dharmendra

Editor Dharmendra Kakarala, has been doing films right from Teja’s Oka V Chitram. A Satyajit Ray Film Institute graduate, he wanted to maje different films as a director but his father’s advice made him to look at editing as a sound career option. He did take the advice and now, built a career as one of the talented editors in Telugu Cinema.

He talked to media and said, ” I started my journey when Telugu Cinema is looking to completely move towards Digital era. We use different softwares and high end technology these days and that doesn’t mean that always the quality should be same. When I hear praises for quality of Garuda Vega, I feel happy because we shot the movie with 4k resolution and spent more money on bringing the best possible output. As an editor I had to put in more six months for this movie and it took us time to edit the movie. For Final cut, it took us 135 hours to arrive at what you see on the screen. As we used multiple cameras, I needed time to investigate all the footage and then decide on the right shot length and expression.”

He continued to talk about how reviews just blame editor for lag while it is a team decision to make. “Editor doesn’t come in the last minute and decide what should be there and what not. It is a collective decision if something is important and director feels that is what he requires, an editor has to oblige. Not all movies need similar type of cuts and an editor should be mindful of that. Garuda vega is my first big commercial success and I hope this gives me more chances,” said Dharmendra. He wishes to become a director with a crime comedy in coming 5 years!