When you’re unemployed and living on your parents mercy, you are always thinking about how should I earn everyone’s respect by getting that one job which has been elusive. We don’t want to hear to parents calling us as an unlucky person or treat as a useless waste bin. We want them to give us the space and society to give us a place. But is it so simple?

Plot : Black money is one of the biggest problems of a democratic country, in fact any Nation. When you don’t pay the necessary taxes, everyone around us and even we fail badly to maintain an equilibrium in the expenditure and earnings of our country. That creates a divide between rich and poor and widens it further as well.

An unemployed youth Tilak (Suriya) decides to become the Robinhood for others like him as his friend commits suicide due to being unable to cope up with the stress and pressure of powerful greedy people. He forms a Gang with Jhansi Rani (Ramyakrishnan), JP (Senthil), Pavan (Sathyan) and Ekaveera (Shivashankar). They raid as CBI officers, the bigwigs and politicians who have black Money everywhere. CBI officer Uttamdass (Suresh Chandra Menon) and special officer Shivashankar (Karthik) trying to catch the gang with the help of a police new recruit, Chiranjeevi (Nanda). Who wins the game? Will the gang find a solution for unemployment problem? Watch it on screen to know more…

Performances : Suriya puts in his heart and soul into the movie. He uses all his energies to make the character look likeable and he tries to carry the entire movie on his shoulders. To some extent he succeeds but fails to create a connect with audience as the execution doesn’t help him much.

Keerthy Suresh is just there for some romance and comedy scenes and she did her bit well. Ramyakrishnan looked more energetic and even reduced her weight in the film. She saved few sequences just with her solid performance and her comic timing in the movie is unmatchable.

Anandaraj and Karthik have a delightful presence on screen and they carry it well. Suresh Chandra Menon did well in a lengthy role and Thambi Ramayya, Senthil, Yogi Babu, Brahmanandam are highly underused.

Technicalities : Cameraman Dinesh Krishnan did not worry about keeping the tone real. He follows the pattern of East European retro films to create an ambiance and that tone gives the movie an unique quality but at the same time, it doesn’t feel like Indian 80’s environment too.

Sreekar Prasad seems have been given the footage and asked to make a feasible cut out of it. With his experience, the editor is able to keep the proceedings moving forward at all the time, even they move nowhere.

Anirudh Ravichander has given better scores before but he seems to have not been able to find enough inspiration to score better in the film. Still, he manages to impress with two songs and few back ground themes.

Writer and director, Vignesh Shivn needed to understand what worked in Special 26 and then use his additions rather than just bluntly remaining it has a mass commercial movie for a popular hero. Even though his few ideas seem good, they don’t really help him to convince the audience and ride home the point. It could have been good black comedy and heist film, but it ends up being an attempt to win box office appreciation with the story in his hand rather than cohesively making it a watchable movie.

Analysis : In a remake, you either try to come up with one that is highly truthful to the original or you come up with one that is entirely different to original. But when you try to make it mix of both, you need to reimagine many things carefully and can’t just try to keep your hero the main focus in an ensemble movie. Some moments need to be given to the support and also, the works done by the characters should be logical too.

They cannot just be good motive bad actions because that kind of vigilante justice is acceptable by public. For a person who watched Special 26, this will look like a lame remake as the additions doesn’t fit in properly and for a fresh viewer without any knowledge of its original, this will remain an attempt at discussing the serious problem in a comic way that could have been better. Either way, the full potential of the actor is not reached by the team due to flawed execution.

Rating : 2/5

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