Few websites come under IT scanner!

These days, the traditional ways of sharing the information like News, Television channels are giving way to digital media outlets like websites, news apps and small videos in streaming sites like YouTube. As the digital medium is not restricted like Newspaper and Broadcast channels, many websites are launched. To fight the competition many are trying to attract young audience with some objectionable content.

They don’t really care for the laws of content sharing laws but look to gain as many clicks as possible by sharing any kind of content. Such kind of objectionable content should not be shared on popular medium as ‘real’ , without proper prior check up. Such act is considered maligning the said person’s image and also invading into their personal space.

So, Movie Actors Association has decided to take action against these websites that have violated the laws. We do not exactly know how many websites have been attached in the complaint filed by MAA President Sivaji Raja and Secretary VK Naresh but the sources it is close to 30 websites. All of them have received notices under the sections 67 and 67A. We have to wait and see, what will happen further.