Fashion Designer will be even more raunchy – Madhura Sreedhar

Fashion Designer S/O of Ladies Tailor is the sequel of the movie, Ladies Tailor that became an address for both it’s director Vamsy and actor Rajendra Prasad. Along with the two heavyweights, even character actors like Mallikarjuna Rao found fame with the movie in the character of Battala Satyam. Subhaleka Sudhakar, Y.Vijaya, Unni Mary and Rallapalli characters became famous among the households as well. Even though the movie was an adult comedy, families were able to enjoy it as there was no vulgarity associated with the movie.

After 30 years, Madhura Sreedhar proposed the idea of making a sequel for the movie and the director, Vamsy readily accepted to go forward with the idea. The movie started rolling in the same village it was made 30 years ago and this time, the director made sure that the film will be more appealing to today’s generation. The comedy in the movie starring Sumanth Ashwin is said to have come out pretty well and the team is planning for a release in the month of May. Recently, producer Madhura Sreedhar, met with the press and answered some exciting questions about the film.

The film will be more raunchy than the original and it will be appealing to the young audience as per the producer. He also said the movie has nothing obscene and the recent pre-look was blown out of proportion by several actresses which was completely unnecessary. He said he apologised to Manchu Lakshmi, as he did not want to drag the issue furthermore and thought it would be better to nip in the bud. The producer also pointed out that many films have shown even more obscene portrayals of several popular actresses and their film being an adult comedy will have few scenes that highlight the sexuality of women and that should be taken as it is. Well, the producer said soon the team will make an official announcement about the release date.

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