Fashion Designer s/o Ladies Tailor

Many youth in our country rely on easy ways to earn money and this needs to be addressed and let them realise the meaning of hard work. Vamsy made a movie on this subject 30 years ago with the dose of adult comedy, that is, Ladies Tailor. The movie created a sensation during the time and made careers of Vamsy and Rajendra Prasad at one go. So, what does this sequel, has to offer to us?

Plot : Vamsy creates this Fashion Designer on the cards of Ladies Tailor and the basic plot resembles the original tee to tee. Beloved Ladies Tailor has a son, Gopalam (Sumanth Ashwin). Like his father, he too is highly talented but more money minded. He doesn’t let his conscience work much as his dream to put up a designer ware shop in the town overpowers his talent. When a lucrative offer to set up his shop cancels due to his uncle, he goes to a palmist. He concludes that Gopalam has a Manmadha Rekha and he can attract any girl just like that. Gopalam decides to marry a rich young girl for money and tries to flirt with Gedela Rani (Manasa Himavarsha), Ammulu (Manali Rathod) and Mahalakshmi (Anisha Ambrose). Whom will he end up with? How will he learn his lesson? Watch it on screen to know more …

Performances : Sumanth Ashwin doesn’t have the skill or maturity to match a performer like Rajendra Prasad and that hampers the film in many ways. You wish Vamsy found a better actor for his story to atleast make the movie bearable. The actor doesn’t have a good voice to deliver a comic punch in godavari slang. He looks artificial and it is highly unbearable to watch him.

None of actresses, Anisha Ambrose, Manali Rathod and Manasa Himavarsha could carry the parts given to him. They can only entertain an audience with skin show but do not have the skill of Deepa, Y. Vijaya or Archana to make us sit through the runtime.

Krishna Bhagavan among the cast members makes an impact.

Technicalities : Music is the major highlight of any Vamsy movie and this too tries to live up to his legacy. Mani Sharma does give his best effort but the songs and score are lost in the flow of the movie.

The second best effort for the film is put in by Cinematographer Nagesh Bannel but the director once again plays a spoilsport with highly weird angles. But few shots of the locations do impress us. Vamsy tries his trademark in songs and one of the songs does impress with the concept and execution. Editing by Basava Paidiraju is the first culprit of this movie. Well, here too director might have had the last word but many scenes doesn’t even have a lip sync. One can understand actresses having trouble but even Telugu actors couldn’t lip sync well. It is definitely editor’s mistake to not point it out.

Writer – Director Vamsy made many movies to create a legacy for himself and brick by brick he himself is destroying it. If he can slow down and think again about his choices as subjects and scenes, may be he will be able to create a decent enough movie for this generation too. He fails miserably once again in this movie.

Analysis : One hopes and prays for a creative director like Vamsy to create decent enough movie anytime when he is at the helm. But the director has been constantly disappointing with his penchant for adult jokes. He doesn’t try to use his creative energies in the right manner like he once did and it is sad to see him rely on double meaning more than ever. On the whole, this is an unbearable attempt from the great director!

Rating : 1/5