The famous piracy site issues apology for Taxiwala incident

Taxiwala movie starring Vijay Devarakonda and Priyanka in the direction of Rahul Sankritiyan is releasing on 17th November. The movie rough cut print has been pirated and released on internet.

The team had to take down many links and work on the film final cut again to release it in Theatres. Vijay Devarakonda addressed this on the stage at the pre-release event and also talked about how much the entire team suffered due to the leak.

He also asked people spare a thought for those trying to earn a living out of making movies and if they want to watch films, then they should watch it legally and not piracy copies.

Tamilmv, a piracy site that even challenged producer in Tamil Nadu issued an apology after the speech to the team and said that they wanted to release the print only after two weeks of the movie theatrical release but they were forced by some people. Well, are there really people looking to put careers of young talents in jeopardy? May be, yes.