Expectations are a cause for mixed talk : Murugadoss

Mahesh Babu’s Spyder has earned some mixed response from fans and general audience. The movie even though is putting up some good collections in the major centres the talk has been little bit worrisome and Murugadoss, the director of the analysed the situation. He said, “Mahesh Babu enjoys a big star image in Telugu and also Overseas. His fans expected high elevations for him in the movie and the story did not have place for such. It is more about a simple guy who turns a spy and that could have been the cause for some initial mixed response in the Telugu states.”

Interestingly, the movie in Tamil is collecting the best possible gross for any Telugu hero and Murugadoss commented on it. He said, “In Tamil, Mahesh is not such a big star and a simple story featuring him is working there. People are able to accept him with out having to delivery punch lines or having heavy elevations every fifteen minutes. For me Spyder is a satisfying experience and I would like to work with Mahesh Babu once again.”

Mahesh Babu did not talk about the response but he talked about his experience too. He said, “I am very tired after completing a movie like Spyder. I will consider twice now before signing any bilingual in the future. I had to shoot through pain for eight months added to the work load and thankfully, the pain is cured now.” Well, Murugadoss has plans to make a bilingual where Vijay plays villain in Telugu and Mahesh plays villain in Tamil while they play heroes in Tamil and Telugu, respectively. Let’s see if that project takes off.