ETV Prabhakar to debut with Aadi film!

ETV Prabhakar is one controversial person from Telugu Television who grew in stature with his talent first and then his closeness with a channels Managing Director. There are many stories about him and his dominance in the media but he tried to clarify on each of them as much as he can recently. In one of those interactions, he revealed that he has been working under Geetha Arts production house to debut as a director. His teleserials and production shows have become very popular and believing in his talent, Allu Aravind took him under his wing to develop as many scripts as possible. For the past two years, he had been daily attending different meetings and the production company is called Geetha Arts 2 and under that Allu Aravind started grooming some of the talents in Telugu Film circles to make low budget films with younger lot.

Bunny Vasu is nominated to be the producer under the banner and surely several films will be produced in coming years. In some of those films, Allu Sirish was supposed to be starring. As per the plan, Parasuram made Srirasthu Subhamasthu with Allu Sirish. The movie became a success and Sirish is now busy with a Malayalam film opposite Mammotty and another Telugu Film. After hearing to multiple versions of what Prabhakar had developed Sirish did not feel he is correct for the role and Prabhakar went with the script to UV Creations and now the production house is planning to make the film with Aadi as lead in it.

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