End of an Era for Brahmanandam comedy?

We have seen many comic actors come and go, but Brahmanandam achieved a star status. He continued to impress three generations in his 33-year-old career. He always found a new role or a new film that becomes a huge hit and once again takes him close to the younger audience. But as the generation of filmgoers is changing once again, Brahmi aka Brahmanandam seems to be finding it difficult to re-establish himself.

With his experience, he can dominate any scene and also it marks a huge remuneration. Young directors are afraid of his stature and producers are looking at alternatives due to his remuneration. As the Tollywood circles, Brahmanandam couldn’t deliver any hits in past few years and that made him go out of public memory so soon.

Also, they say the emergence of youthful comedians like Priyadarshi, Vennela Kishore, and others, has made it difficult for Brahmanandam to secure the top billing roles like he once did. Anyways, the doors haven’t been fully shut, as they say, all talent needs is an opportunity, but with age too catching up with the veteran comedian, many call it as an end of Brahmanandam era.