In any film, we try to find out what made the director, producer, actors and technicians to do the film. We try to carefully analyse what could have been the motto of the actor and director in trying to bring this kind of a story to forefront. At times, we see such films where the motive is to create a box office hit with the actor in their hand who might not have enough skills and even the makers end up appearing as clueless as the film. We end up wondering is this really made for public consumption? How did this get made when we hear many saying they don’t get chances even though they have good enough stories??

Plot : An young guy, Gopi (Ashish Raj) from Amalapuram is chased by police and a drug mafia gang in Hyderabad. He doesn’t know anything about the city nor has any connections with the crime belly. Still he gets caught up in the murder of a social activist Poorvi (Deeksha Panth) and finds himself in Jail. He escapes somehow and meets his rival, Indu (Simran), who suddenly claims to love him and he accepts that too. He has a habit of doing good deeds so, one of those deeds leads him to a clue to solve the mystery. How come his rival become his lover? What made him come to Hyderabad from Amalapuram? Who is Poorvi? The answers to these questions give you the story of this film.

Performances : Ashish Raj did a movie called Akataayi and in that he atleast tried to present himself as an actor. But here he sings and dances like he is a star but in reality he even fails to given an expression to the camera and delivery a decent line. He seems to have delivered lines with prompting and his acting abilities are completely absent as they don’t even create an interest in what is his character. He even lacks the looks to exempt him from having any sort of skills.

Simran Sharma might have had a good tour in godavari villages and Hyderabad city. Other than that her character doesn’t have enough meat and she doesn’t have enough skills to pull off a decent performance. Deeksha Pant is completely clueless in her brief role. Kyra Dutt seems to enjoy the item numbers as she is one person who gave her best to the film.

Rao Ramesh and Ajay are completely wasted and they even annoy viewers with their loud delivery. All other Jabardasth comedians and Prithvi are just as clueless as the writers and director.

Technicalities : Editor Siva seems to be given a task of finalising a cut that is so absurd and non-sensical that even he can’t figure out if it makes any sense at all. The expressions of the actors, the scene flow everything seems to be erratically cut so that we feel highly irritated by the film.

Camera person, GK Prasad doesn’t really impress with his blocking and shots. It is extremely old school style that he tries and there are far more distracting frames from the real content in the scene that we end up wondering if they just placed the camera and asked everyone to do their bit or did they not understand that camera placement has significance in framing a shot.

Music by Sai Kartheek is loud and highly forgettable. In the theatre, you cannot make any sense for why a random song has come and to at least enjoy the tune, it is also equally random and highly rehashed from the popular tunes. His BGM is even more lacklustre.

Writer-director, RV Subramanyam seems to be struck in 80’s and he wanted to tell the story of that time in EVV Satyanarayana style, by giving comedy hot seat and major run time. He forgot the major thing though, EVV never had to depend on lame adult jokes as he did not have a story. He integrated them into the story and screenplay rather than just trying to pass the time without any significant character or story development. This is a very naive film where a director thought hero can be egoistic without really showing any real sign of having an ego and also, love can blossom just because a writer wants it to blossom rather than having any sort of organic path and chemistry.

Analysis : The most important part of this film is how two people couldn’t really talk about their feelings due to family rivalry and their personal ego. Rather than trying to bring it out effectively the writer tries to spend time on establishing nothing with sequences lead to nowhere and the characters seem to have been written to give audience a twist every 15 minutes rather than having any significant path or growth thought out the film. On paper it might look interesting but with lacklustre execution the movie ends up being another release on another Friday that doesn’t need anyone’s attention.

Rating : 0.5/5

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