Ee Rojullo fame Reshma to enter politics

Reshma Rathore, the actress who came into limelight with Ee Rojullo, decided to join politics to help develop her home town in Mahabubabad. She is a post graduate and wants to help the Singareni Collieries employees in that area. Her father is a senior manager in the company and as she is socially aware, she decided to choose a career in politics. She completed her post graduation in Law and wants to help the local area as a Member of Parliament.

She said, “I am always aware if my local people and their problems. I want to help them and am trying to figure out ways to improve their livelihood. I came into films as my occupation but I am more driven by politics and problems faced by my people. I want to make it a good place for them to live and I can achieve that as an MP with Central Government assistance.”

She wants to join a National Party rather than a regional party and she said that she will tell her decision to join which party and contest from which seat, on 14th April. She has been trying to figure out which party is in favour of her nomination and she is expecting to get a positive answer from National parties soon. She acted in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam languages. She feels she can use her fame to help her people more than just being another actress.