All early shows in Hyderabad for NTR cancelled

NTR Kathanayakudu movie producers got permission for early screening of the film in Andhra Pradesh but they couldn’t get Telanagana Government’s permission even though they tried till the last minute.

They are still trying to get the permission but as they thought they will be able to secure the permit, they opened bookings for shows in Sandhya theatre and few others in Hyderabad.

All those shows have been cancelled and only permitted shows that is after 8:30 AM, are now available for booking in the city. As the producers are not sure if they can get the permission they decided to go for post 8:30AM shows only in the city, it seems.

Well, fans of Nandamuri family are upset about it but they are making sure that the movie will be a celebration for them on the first day without letting the politics spoil their mood