Drug abuse has rocked the Telugu Film Industry!

Wherever you go, you might have been watching one news story covered by all the top media channels from the day before and the news doesn’t die out just like that as it has great volumes of depth to it. Drug mafia has been a reality and we have been hearing some inside stories on peddling and abuse among the Film Industry persons. Several producers who came to Industry with an aptitude to make money took to drug peddling to make quick bucks but they did not spill out the beans on the actual users.

In an uncanny way, Ravi Teja’s brother Bharath Raju’s death helped the police to open the can of worms and big names are now under extreme pressure to clear themselves off the list. For all those who take drugs under permissible limits they are safe but those who supply and abuse they are under the scanner of the police. SIT has already issued notices to several celebrities and many of them coming out to give out clarifications and statements from their places.

Sex racket, the other big issue that rocked the Industry is also interconnected to this drug abuse and the police are trying to chase the mystery of how drugs are being supplied to these celebrities and how come even with strict rules in order, Hyderabad is not been able to free itself of drug paddlers and mafia. Due to the information gathered from Bharath’s phone, Police were able to nab a peddler, Kelvin and through him many names have been ousted. Police have continued to keep them under surveillance and the others too also panicking that if their name is ousted how about their reputation in the society.

Well, the drug abuse has been a common problem and practice in West World, there people like Robert Downey Jr. found peace within themselves and continued their career after getting rid of the addiction to become a global superstar today. We hope to find even Telugu Cinema celebrities even their names are ousted or not, will try to get rid of the bad habit and find themselves living happy and healthy in coming days!

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