Dil Raju slams Theatre mafia issue as fake

Producer and Distributor Dil Raju talked about Theater Mafia in the Telugu Film Industry. He had to react about the issue in media as his name has been taken by multiple people in recent times.

He said that he did encourage many small budget films and released them when he felt the content had the power to bring the audiences to theatres. He also said that he would be happy to help many but the films should have content to sustain and hold theatres.

“Films need to have content that can pull audiences to theatres. Or at least you should promote your film. If you can’t promote your film or bring the audience to theaters, who will risk their business by trusting you? One needs to understand the basic realities before talking about an issue in the media.

Because someone is successful that doesn’t mean you throw stones at them. There is more pain and work behind reaching to this position, negativity is common but this is too much,” said Dil Raju.