Dil Raju decided to quit distribution sector

Dil Raju started as a distributor in Film Industry back in 90’s. He slowly grew as a distributor from one area to a man who got to be known as the ultimate competition in entire Nizam distribution circle.

He got in production with Dil and hence, he got the name Dil Raju and continued with that name and made it into a brand in Film Industry. Today, he is one of the biggest distributors and producers.

But the losses caused by the big films in last two years, made him think that distribution is getting too risky and he said that he will distribute only his own movies and not outside films.

He may change his stand in future but for now, the ace gambler of films, decided that the gamble is getting out of his hand and control. This shows how bad is TFI’s actual financial picture with 85-90% flops per year.