Dil Raju confirms no Dagudumuthalu!

For over an year, several fans of Nithiin and Sharwanand are waiting for them to come together in a film. As they both are highly talented and have great market, who will dominate whom in a film, has become the interesting topic for many. All this discussion started as director, Harish Shankar announced his wish to direct a multi-starrer with both of them, in Dil Raju production.

But somehow no updates have been heard even in whispers about the movie, expect for the title, Dagudumuthalu. Harish Shankar stayed silent and many thought the team might be busy with script discussion and in the end, we got to know that, the movie has been shelved. Dil Raju, the producer in his recent interview clarified the rumours about the movie.

“The movie story did not turn up as we expected. So, we decided to not go forward with it. We may make the movie with same story but some changes or take entirely new script. Harish will direct a movie in my production but when, we cannot say yet,” said the producer. Harish Shankar is busy developing few stories for hIs next it seems.