Did Ravi Teja predict outcome of TCC?

TCC, Touch Chesi Choodu, in short became a huge box office debacle for Ravi Teja. He promoted the film in the last moments before release, still it did not end up being helpful for the movie. It turned out to be Ravi Teja’s worst film but the close sources of the actor claim that the actor did predict such an outcome. The source said, “Ravi Teja and Vikram Sirikonda, knew the movie will not be a hit but they are shocked out it flopped!”

The debutant director is indeed furious and upset it seems. Even though the actor and director were in sync to make a good cop film, producers did not let the film that is intended to be made by them it seems. The source said, “Ravi Teja did not want unnecessary comedy in some portions and the story that Vakkantham Vamsi provided has been altered several times. He talked to Vikram Sirikonda, understanding he did not have a free hand, adviced him to make the film, like a safe bet and hope for the best.”

The movie bombed like no film of Ravi Teja and the actor is currently, shocked to see his movie like this, as he thought it will be an average grosser at the least. Right now, he is immersing himself into his next film by Kalyan Krishna Kurasala and wants the movie to work big time it seems. Several times, the team predicts how a movie could be a flop and this is one such time. Raashi Khanna, the lead actress is more confident about Tholi Prema and she is waiting for the result of that movie.