Did people forgot I am a girl? : Akshara Haasan

Kamal Hassan is one of the most respected legends of Indian Cinema. He has a wide experience of almost 60 years in the Industry as he started working in films ever since he is 4 years old. When we are taking about him and his family, a good amount of respect should be seen for the body of work, he did.

But his daughters Shruthi Hassan and Akshara Hassan have been the most trolled and abused celebrities. Akshara recently got abusive comments and trolls as her photos just in innerware have come out.

She reacted to it and said, “I am girl first and then a popular person. Did people forgot that? I couldn’t process what happened and how the photos leaked at all. I wasn’t aware of how and who, but the trolls and abusive comments, the way those photos have gone viral, made me realize how unforgiving and disgusting the world is.

I am thankful that my father and mother are very strong and saw it all. They are the huge pillars of support for me and even my sister, Shruthi has been huge support through all this. I wish people did understand that they are someone’s personal photos and showed restraint from sharing,” said the actress.