Did Lavanya lose the movie due to communication gap?

Lavanya Tripathi is one actress who is one the rise ever since, she debuted with Andala Rakshashi. She has been part of the blockbuster films like Manam, Bhale Bhale Mogadivoy, Soggade Chinni Nayana. But her films like Mister, Radha have been flops at the box office, hence the actress is looking to reverse the trend again. But even Yuddham Sharanam is not helping her much as the movie did not receive positive response as expected from the audience. Also, the news about her walking out a project directed by Parasuram with Vijay Devarakonda has become a big one.

Why did she leave the movie, as become the point of discussion in the Tollywood circles. The actress has accepted to be a part of the movie, 100% Love Tamil remake and at the same time she had to adjust the dates for her Telugu movie, to be produced by Geetha Arts. Geetha Arts production is none other than Vijay’s film. Actually, her Tamil film’s director Chandramouli, got the news of her dilemma and took the matters into his hands. He informed the producer of Telugu movie, Bunny Vasu that the actress is under legal contract that she cannot work for any other film until she finishes his film.

Bunny Vasu immediately talked with his director, Parasuram and replaced Lavanya with Rashmika Mandanna. Unable to fathom the news. Lavanya and her team tried to find the core cause of this communication gap and when she got to know that Tamil director has caused this, she immediately, walked out of both the films as both of them did not care to contact her before taking their decisions.

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