Did Agnyathavasi lose a trick?

The movie Agnyathavasi is one of the most anticipated movies in Telugu Cinema history. The movie expected to be the one that will cross the Baahubali -1 shares in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana area. Also, with the big early advantage in the USA, many expected the film to score more than 4Million USD in the long run. The team adding to the 25th film craze of Pawan Kalyan asked Victory Venkatesh to play a cameo in the film.

But surprisingly, the team decided to not publicise or add the sequence to the final cut for initial release. They later decided to cut the film by 12 minutes and add the sequence for Sankranthi season. The negative word-of-mouth has been too huge that the film fell flat on the second day even though it had all the aces up its sleeve to put up the big numbers as expected.

Now, with the addition of Venkatesh’s cameo and the trimmed length, the movie is said to have some fun sequences but still, the negative word of mouth is not completely negated. Some of the fans are surprised that the team had decided to not go with the good seven-minute sequence that fans would have enjoyed on the first day with Venkatesh. Anyways, the trade pundits are discussing the loss of the distributors as they have seen enough of the trends to say the movie will be a disaster.