Devadas will be funny and clever

Nagarjuna Akkineni has been giving interviews to every single media outlet to promote his first multi-starrer with Nani, Devadas. Movie is releasing on 27th September and the actor talked about what should we look forward to from the film.

He said, “I did many films but Devadas is a different one from them as it concentrates on comedy and being clever at the same time. You will always have smile on your face throughout the film.

I enjoyed working with Nani as he is really good at understanding his role and fitting into the character. He doesn’t come across as stressing too much on his lines and allows them to follow. So, he kept me on my toes too.

I have been experimenting from a long time and taking risks that sometimes worked big time and sometimes failed miserably. I take both with a pinch of salt and be happy about thinking what worked. This movie came out better than it is narrated to me and I should say the whole team put in their best foot forward.”

Sriram Adittya directed the film and Ashwini Dutt produced the film. Mani Sharma’s music became a huge plus and Rashmika Mandanna, Akanksha Singh played the lead lady roles. Rang de Basanti actor, Kunal Kapoor is debuting in Telugu as a bad guy.