I am a crude politician in NRNM – Rana

Rana Daggubati has been going around the town promoting his new movie Nene Raju Nene Mantri. He is releasing the movie in Tamil too as Naan Anayittal. The man revealed many things in his latest interview and also told about his plans after the movie. Rana spoke about the character of Jogendra and talked about the transition he would be going through in the film and also the way he had to transform his body for the role.

Rana said, “ i look very lean in this film for the flash back portion where I am a money lender in my village who loves his wife, Radha to the core. But due to few politicians I have to go through downs in my life and unable to fight them anymore as a positive person, I chose to change into a man who will teach them all lesson. So with a wrong notion I start my journey and turn into an arrogant guy. In short, I will be playing the crude and quite opposite version my character in the film, Leader.”

He also revealed that Teja as a director needed someone to give him all he needs and also give him time to write the movie he wants to make. “ I liked the story he wanted to say and I thought this is my space and I should explore. My father and other producers have come forward to give the movie the required push. We provided with Teja what all he wanted and also tried to control the budget too as I’m not a top hero and these kind of experiments do need to have a budget cap. Saying all that, I believe this will be one of the best in my career and I’m quite proud of it,” concluded Rana.

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