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Some films come very rarely to make us believe in an alternative space for Telugu Cinema, other than masala films. These type of films need commercial audience support as they have their own style of providing us enjoyment and that is the beauty in diversity. New directors should be given chances to explore new territories and provide a new style of entertainment. And when pull off such delightful films, all we can do is appreciate and hope for more.

Plot : Raju, a Government Office Attender doesn’t marry even at the age of 49. Entire village thinks he has a problem but he tries to explain it to them, that he is normal.

On the other hand, a young boy wants to talk to a girl he likes but he is unable to find the right situation. Similarly, a young man, Geddam, who works at a wine shop falls in love with a masked girl but he is unable to tell her. A rebellious teenage woman falls for the even more rebellious youngster, Rajesh. How will all these stories converge? Watch the movie on-screen.

Performances : Actors Subba Rao, Radha Bessy, Kesava Karri, Nithya Sri Goru, Karthik Ratnam, Vijaya Praveena, Mohan Bhagat, Praneetha Patnaik, and others all did a commendable job. Director wisely chose people we don’t know to let us connect with them.

Technicalities : Director Maha Venkatesh, even though a debutant showed a lot of maturity in executing a complicated screenplay in a slice of lifestyle. His dry drama style made the movie fun to re-visit and dissect after the twist is revealed. We don’t want to write too much and spoil your theatrical experience.

Music Director Sweekar Agasthi gave soulful music to the film and he made it a memorable experience for us to re-visit and enjoy.

Cinematographers Varun Chaphekar, Aditya Javvadi did a commendable job with the budget provided to them. They did not let the film aesthetics suffer one bit through the run-time.

Editor Ravi Teja Girijala did a good job in cutting the movie to establish a pace and continue doing so. He did not let the multi-layered story-telling suffer one bit due to story overlapping.

Analysis : Very rarely we get a chance to watch films that are made out of a passion for art than money. As Industry is also about making money if this kind of films find audiences and get some returns, movie lovers will have good alternatives to regular films.

Like Vamsy films, Venkatesh Maha could try a different and completely slice of life filmmaking and pull it off commendably too. As the narration is twist driven he kept the pace of the movie moving without really making us feel any lag. We just enjoy the ambiance and truthfulness of the makers.

Rating : 4/5

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