Classic Movies Of Dasari Narayana Rao

Dasari Narayana Rao is regarded as the ‘guru’ for many in the Telugu film industry. And he has not become one just over night. His classics are the right examples which serve as a text book even till date for most of the film makers in the industry.
He has introduced number of actors and technicians to the industry and in that way given many their much needed breaks. Coming to his movies, they were not just the run of mill sorts. His movies were outspoken and addressed many social issues. He literally spoke through his movies.
Let’s take a look back at his movies which have turned to be some of the milestones in the Telugu film industry’s diary:

1. SivaranjiniSivaranjini, Dasari Narayana Rao Movies2.Swargam NarakamSwargam Narakam3.Sardar Papa RayuduSardar Papa Rayudu4.Tandra paparayuduTandra paparayudu5.PremabhishekamPremabhishekam6.Megha SandesamMeghaSandesham7.MamagaruMamagaru Movie8. MajnuMajnu9. Kante Koothurne Kanukante koothurne kanu10. Osey RamulammaOsey Ramulamma11. Bobbili PuliBobbili Puli12. Amma RajinamaAmma Rajinama