Reincarnation or ghost presence, parapsychology does throw up some interesting topics that challenge our intellect and beliefs as well. We dwell into the details of human existence and try to get an understanding about our life as well. While we do need answers to what we don’t understand the answers have to be conclusive and believable.

PLOT : The story deals with a women named Chitrangada (Anjali) who is working as an assistant professor and could be a patient of spilt personality. She does come up with a theory of dream catching the criminals and people don’t believe her. A doctor Neelakantam (Jaya Prakash) tries to prove her theories as baseless and she is a patient. To prove otherwise, she travels to USA and tries to chase the murder she saw in her dream. Finding the killers and the person who died paves way for her to build a relation with Samyuktha (Sakshi Gulati). She finds out the person who died was Ravi Verma and starts tracing his story as well. What conclusion did she arrive on? What happened in the story and is she play acting or is it true that she dreamt of a killing? Watch the movie to know more ..

Performances : Anjali, Sakshi Gulati, Swathi Deekshith was just in the movie to show off their oomph factor and not any considerable acting skills. The movie dwells on disgustingly about their relationship in a rather unfriendly manner. Even the girls do not mind the camera angles or showing off their skin in the name of being progressive. With the story being highly predictable and amateurish, the performances by any actor even if they are seniors. Jaya Prakash, Raja Ravindra were wasted in the movie to epic proportions.

Technicalities : Films that need you to use your brain are the best kind of thrillers but the director Ashok G, who did show that he has a talent in movies like Pilla Zamindar does make a huge blunder with this film. The most important is he doesn’t let you engage in the story and the kind of story he is dealing with does needed him to be at the top of his abilities but he misses the mark by miles. Also his weird fetish for awkward camera angles does make you feel disgusted as well. Highly unexpected from a director like him who proved he had a sensibility in his earlier work.

In few scenes, the movie appears to be highly inspired from Arundhati and Chandramukhi. This can be easily called as a B-movie tribute to both the intriguing blockbusters. A romcom from girls perspective doesn’t need to have many specifics but a complex subject like this does need to make sense as well. The movie swells with trying to ape the famous formulaic scenes and even tries to recreate some scenes that doesn’t make any sense with the story the makers wanted to say. Cinematography, BGM and every other department doesn’t give any kind of best that we can describe here.

Analysis : The movie needs to be seen for the absurdity that the makers follow in the pursuit to create a money spinner. May be the ideas were trying to be edgy and different but they come off as a B-movie scenes at best. A costly one at that. Keep away from such an embarrassment of a movie.

Rating : 1.5/5