Chiranjeevi in a negative role?

Megastar Chiranjeevi and Superstar Rajnikanth has one common thing in their respective careers. Both started off their journey as supporting cast members and got recognition as a antagonist. Slowly they turned into a protagonist on the screen and achieved huge stardom. They managed impress audience beyond any limit that their film release became an event and their arrival to any function or an event a huge news story.

Rajnikanth did showcase a little bit of his villany in the film, Robo as 2.0 and now, he is coming back as upgraded 2.0 in the film with same name. But Chiranjeevi didnot return to Punnami Nagu kind of films after he became a star. So, many of the latest fans of the actor, don’t know his real caliber to carry a negative role and his acting skills. They see him more as a style and dance icon.

May be Siva Koratala, decided to address this in his film with Chiru. The buzz is quite strong that after Chiru completes his Sye Raa .. he will join the sets of the movie, to be diredcted, by Siva Koratala. In that film, he will be playing two roles and one will have a slight negative touch it seems. Megastar got excited about the story and he asked for complete narration it seems. Siva Koratala is taking his time and will give the actor a narration, before October it seems. Let’s wait for official confirmation on this.