Chiranjeevi, the first audience member!

Darshakudu movie produced by Sukumar is releasing tomorrow and the movie has already been among the buzz. The movie has made it a point that it will attract many audience and it also made sure that every one in the industry will endorse it for sure. Right from Allu Arjun to Ram Charan to Chiranjeevi, everyone has stepped forward to help Sukumar in creating a buzz for his film.

Chiranjeevi has become the first audience member for the movie by buying first ticket. Chiranjeevi wished the team of Darshakudu and said, “ I know how it is to make a movie as a director as I have observed many legends in my career. I have never worked with Sukumar but heard a lot about him from Charan. I liked the way he narrates the story and also how enthusiastic he is in telling a good story with emotions. I have seen his earlier films and understand how different he thinks. I think he understands today’s youth more than anything and I wish him and his team all the best.”

He continued, “ I’ve seen the trailer of the movie and I liked it. I think Sukumar being a director and encouraging young talent without ego problems is the best contribution he is doing to the Industry. I appreciate his effort to bring in the new ideas and I also wish him many more great victories like Kumari 21F and i wish this film will also be that bigger hit.” Hariprasad Jakka, the director and Sukumar, the producer said its their dream come true as they used to sweat hard in the theatres to buy a ticket of Chiranjeevi’s film and him buying their film’s first ticket is truly unbelievable. The movie is scheduled for a release on 4th of August.

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