Chinmayi thanks Samantha for Viral Majili song

Voice artist and singer, Chinmayi Sripada has been finding it hard to get work in Tamil as a singer and voice artist. Even Samantha decided to go with her own voice there, after she couldn’t convince the Union.

But in Telugu she could get Gopi Sundar to give Chinmayi a song and Priyathama Priyathama, the song from the movie that released recently, sung by Chinmayi went viral. For that she thanked Samantha on the social media.

“@Samanthaprabhu2 thanks for the opportunity girl! Gratitude “

Samantha in her reply, said that it is the loss of Tamil Dubbing Industry, who banned Chinmayi!

“Your talent is everything my love .. no one need give you no opportunities. If they don’t it’s their loss . “

The friendship seems to be quite strong between the two strong ladies. Chinmayi has been receiving praises for her vocals in the song from Majili. A strong positive buzz is surrounding the song too.