Chi La Sow

Marriage is said to be an important occasion in every person’s life. But several people either become indecisive due to their goals that don’t really matter to others or just try to escape the responsibility. What if such a person comes across a person who forces him to decide?

Plot : Arjun (Sushanth) wants to enjoy his bachelor life to the fullest and wait for 5 more years to marry. But when he has to spend a whole night of weird coincidences with Anjali (Ruhani Sharma), he starts understanding the value of a partner in life. But he rejects Anjali straight away and can he convince her to marry him? Does he really want to marry in first place? Watch the movie for answers…

Performances : Sushanth has been improving from his first movie with every film. ThIs time ge proved that he is no mere pushover and has all the capabilities to shine in a writer backed role. We can only expect him to improve further taking this as the first big step in the right direction. If he continues in this path, he will soon be called an accmplished actor for sure.

Ruhani Sharma captures our heart just like that and she has very expressive eyes that speak so much. With even more opportunities like these she will be one of the best actresses in Telugu for sure.

Rohini gets a very good role and she lived in it. Vidhyulekha Raman, Vennela Kishore are very good too.

Technicalities : Prashanth Vihari scored perfectly for the movie. He did not try to dominate the proceedings or over do the whole back ground score in the name of enhancing the emotion. He performed like an experienced technician.

Sukumaran’s visuals speak more to our eye and they create a believable world effortlessly. We can relate to the setting and also enjoy the conversations and situations without any harsh images irritating us.

Chota K. Prasad’s cut is really good barring one or two sequences where we feel a little bit drag. But the freshness in the comedy and approach of the director is really brought out in a balanced way by him.

Writer and Director, Rahul Ravindran surprises us with his mature writing. We don’t see words that are thrown just for the affect. He used them right and kept the proceedings grounded in reality that we fall in love with his characters and feel a connection instantly.

Also as a director, he tries to give the proceedings his own stamp than just trying to follow some other person. He comes up with fun concepts to exposition parts and also uses the idea well through out the film. There is no useless scene in the film and we can appreciate him for bringing such clarity to the table even though it is his first film.

Analysis : Rahul Ravindran crafts a love story masterfully with two characters connect over a matter a night with all the weirdest possible coincidences happening during their meeting. We always connect to a person easily when we share some weird situations with him or her and if those situatons lead to memories, we just don’t want to let that go easily.

Expertly, he explores it with the help of his cast and crew. The movie doesn’t get stagnated at any point and it keeps you glued to the screens. From a first tie writer and director, this is one of the best possible romantic movies we saw in recent times. For your lazy weekend you can add some lovely spice with this film.

Rating : 3.5/5

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