Cheliyaa disappoints the producers!

Mani Ratnam’s celluloid poetry, Cheliyaa released in theatres this Friday. The movie was believed to Karthi’s best role since his first film and the producers also expected the movie receive positive word of mouth publicity. But many audience haven’t turned up to the theatres as expected and with the collections dip on the first day, the makers are worried if the movie will break even at the box office.

Even the music by AR Rehman is revered for being one of his best albums in recent times, the story being too old and Mani Ratnam going completely upmarket in his execution, the movie has lost to find emotional connect with the audience. Few have expressed that in OK Bangaram, the director did try to make a mence to his earlier ways by trying to give importance to feel in the story and situations while he resorted to his highly ambitious storytelling experiments. May be people who think anything done by the master will be great will try to breakdown his composition and framing but the director needs to make movies for common audience too.

Even the Tamil version, did not see many positive reviews even though it was praised for being technically brilliant and visually aesthetic. Well, in Telugu, after OK Bangaram, Dil Raju invested an amount of Rs. 7.5 crores for distribution rights and it is said that the movie will find it highly difficult to make the money back. While the fans of the director are happy that the man did not lose his passion for storytelling, many producers who wanted to make a film with the director are now thinking twice. What will Ram Charan’s reaction be, after the result of the movie? We have to wait and watch!

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