Celebrities react to honor-killing of Pranay

Two Telugu states have been shaken by one incident and that is honor killing of young man Pranay for marrying a girl, Amruthavarshini from upper caste in comparision to him. Father of Amrutha, offered the supari and accepted hos crime saying that his pride of caste and honor is more important for him than his daughter’s happiness. He even asked her to go for an abortion as her husband is no longer alive.

For this cruel deed, entire Telugu community is shook and they are asking for capital punishment for the murderer. Politicians are supporting Amrutha, even movie stars started voicing out for her.

Hero Ram Tweeted,

“O pakka #Section377 ne etheste inka e Caste-lu..Honor Killing-lu endhi ra Jungle Fellows! #PranayAmrutha 💔 …for God sake, learn to be a #HUMANFIRST !!!! – R.A.P.O”

(When Supreme Court itself decided to look forward by removing Section 377 and legalise same sex marriage, how come you people are still interested in caste, you Jungle fellows!)

Manchu Manoj wrote an open letter apologising for her condition as a society member and urging society to change. He seemed completely disgusted by the act of a father and asked society to progress with Humanity.