Can you guess the title of Mahesh25?

Mahesh Babu has grown into one of the biggest stars in Indian Cinema. He is the reigning Superstar of Telugu Cinema and has a good market in other language markets too. He proved with Bharat Ane Nenu that his movie despite competition can rake in big moolah all over, with any kind of positive response from the audience. After two biggest debacles, which could have been career ending for any others, he just proved that it is a matter of good films and his popularity hasn’t died down at all.

So, the team of Mahesh25 decided to give the special movie even more special promotions. They started the promotional campaign by revealing one letter after other which will be the character name of the actor and mostly, the title of the film, too. The movie is said to be a story of two close friends, who promise to stay together at all times but then time plays a spoilsport in their relationship. They get busy in their respective lives and when time asks for Mahesh to stand for his friend during his tough times, what will he do, is the story.

Mahesh decided to give Vamshi Padipally, a film after Oopiri and a story about male bonding has been readied for Mahesh25. Dil Raju, Ashwini Dutt, and PVP are producing the movie. Till now, three letters, R-I-S have been released by the team and it is said that RISHI is the character name and the title too. How many of you guessed it? Well, will this be the title or just character name? Let’s find out on 9th August.