Can Nag and RGV negate negativity?

Nagarjuna Akkineni gave the first chance to Ram Gopal Verma as the director. That belief in a guy who has no experience in working on film sets but only writing talent by then leads him to discover a great talent. RGV made a mark for himself with Shiva on Telugu and Indian Cinema. Later, he made Rangeela, Satya, Company, and Sarkar, that are revered as classics in Indian Cinema. But now, RGV has fallen from his grace like never before.

Right after AAG and Sarkar Raj, the director seemed to be happy living on his past glory than just making good cinema. He has become more active on social media and seemed to be distracted while making a film with many things on his plate. After almost, he lost everything, Nagarjuna once again gave him a chance to re-establish his name as a talented filmmaker and not someone who is trying to stay in news and who has an image because he made good films before.

Now, the director and actor started promoting their next film, Officer. The movie is the duo’s fourth film after Shiva, Antham and Govinda Govinda. Whole Shiva is an instant classic, Antham became popular among the 90’s movie lovers at a later stage and Govinda Govinda still finds many viewers on satellite channels. But from teaser and trailer, the new film doesn’t like a match to any of those popular films and there is a lot of camera trickery than hints at the good story in the promotional material released. Can the duo make a film that stands up to their combination craze? Let’s wait and find out on 25th May.