Can ever Telugu Cinema go for Oscars?

Every year Indian Film Industry cumulatively produces more films than any other in the world. Even China doesn’t produce as many films as India does. And we see very less number of films from India going for International film festivals and to better places in Oscar race.

But out of those that make for the final list as official considerations from India we hardly see a Telugu Cinema. This year, Mananati and Rangasthalam did get selected for final race but they did not go further than that.

Commercial cinema has been the key for Telugu producers to survive in the market making movies but they haven’t been able to crack the award winning formula to balance both. The producers and directors are unable to understand what International exposure an award like Oscar can bring and open the market.

Even Governments of Telugu states are not encouraging such production companies by providing them with enough subsidies and financial aides to feel secure to make such movies that will let Telugu Cinema really grow.