Can 2.0 be Shankar’s answer to critics?

Shankar has been the greatest commercial director that Indian Cinema has ever produced. He inspired a generation to think beyond regular stories and brought new technology into story telling most effectively than any for 25 years.

After his daring steps, an SS Rajamouli could find courage and producers to invest in big budget movies that eventually made him the next most loved commercial director with Baahubali, nation wide.

Shankar after Enthiran lost his touch slightly and grip on the box office too. He did 3 idiots remake, I before 2.0. While he changed nothing in the remake, I movie with his own story showed signs of Shankar being too drawn by grandeur and visuals than real story.

2.0 trailer had many thinking if the master craftsman completely wanted to make a VFX film? Critics are already divided and even few sections in Social media are not in awe of the visuals. Can this movie be the answer to all the criticisms he faced for I? Or is the maker turned into a visual effects frenzy maker? We will get answer only on 29th November.