Bunny wants no more ‘Mega’ clashes!

Mega heroes are known to be having veru healthy relationship between them. The heroes have always come up with family first motto than personal gains. As they have producers in the family, they clearly know the difficulties of a producer and they have been known as producer friendly heroes. Chiranjeevi has set an example for all of them and they have been following that so.

But these days with heavy and intensified competition for the best possible dates, the makers are unable to avoid clashes. The clashes are making the films to lose more money than they earn. For a film, to recover these days it needs a good run for at least ten days. But if the movie fails to get a positive word of mouth, then in clash it is losing even further than what it could gain. Even the hit film is unable to gain as much as it should.

To avoid that at least in Mega Family, Allu Arjun aka Bunny is taking an initiative it seems. This week, Varun Tej’s Tholi Prema and Sai Dharam Tej’s Inttelligent are releasing one day apart. Even in a big holiday season that will kill each other’s business and both are aimed for Mahasivaratri Holiday and Valentine’s Day weekend. Even if both will get good talk, both will end up losing money as audience could prefer for film with much positive word of mouth out of two. So, to avoid such situations further Bunny wants to call up all his family heroes and have a discussion among themselves it seems. Good initiative, isn’t it?!