Brand Babu

We normally tend to give more importance to cost of a product than the usefulness of it. Any clothing is necessary to cover our body but we tend to look at the brand value and spend more and more luxury than necessity. What if we start believing luxury is everything and ignore necessity??

Plot : Ratnam (Murali Sharma), a business tycoon believes that brand brings respect rather than good values and simplicity. He tries to teach same to his son, Diamond (Sumanth Shailendra) and this youngster turns into a Brand Babu, who only respects and judge people by brand.

Into his life, one day, Radha ( Eesha Rebba) suddenly enters and he thinks she is the daughter of Home Minister. After sometime he knows that she is not Home Minister’s daughter but under the pretense that he is wooing HM’s daughter he continues to fall in love with Radha. When he knows the complete truth he decides to break her heart. What happens next? Will he understand her love? Watch the movie on screen for answers …

Performances : Sumanth Shailendra comes across as an actor who is trying hard to act rather than behaving on screen in character. It gets hard to connect with him and his character as the scenes also don’t really highlight the uniqueness in the character with freshness.

Eesha Rebba seems to have forgotten how to really perform this time and we can see that she is doing the movie in a very half-hearted manier. Poojitha Ponnada is just a pretty face. Murali Sharma surprisingly did over action in many scenes and all others to fought for oscar in over acting category.

Technicalities : SB Uddav’s editing is strictly okay. He could have cut few sequences differently to maintain the interest and also he could have trimmed down some dragging scenes to make the film bearable.

JB’s music is very routine and he seems to be rehashing his own tunes every time. Nothing in this movie stamps his uniqueness.

Phalani Karthik tried his best to make the screen look rich and happening. He just did not care about giving the scenes a that extra little aesthetic touch to bring in some freshness into the routine frames.

Maruthi Dasari, the writer seems to be deriving stories from same one line that is one of the characters will have a problem in their outlook towards life and they have to be corrected. It is getting routine and he needs to re-invent his formula again.

Prabhakar P, has Television experience but that isn’t sufficient to make a film. In a film, scene aesthetics are also important and he is really lacking in imbibing such details on screen. Not every character needs to be loud and a billionaire, who loves to live in a fake world will try to be more subtle than extravagant. There is a good difference that he needed to bring in his character which is the backbone of this routine story. He missed it and tried to make a simple movie in highly routine manner.

Analysis : Any film that attempts to bring audience to theatre in this day and age, needs a good screenplay that is water-tight and fresh too. You can’t just crack the first jokes that come to your mind when you think about the premise and hope that audiences will roll out laughing. A fresh and unique approach is required to make us connect with characters otherwise every story, particularly every love story is about financial class divide or religious divide.

Only the freshness in treatment makes them unique. The team forgets this aspect and we end up watching another boring film that thinks it is entertaining enough. A completely routine attempt that kills any chance of excitement right from first frame.

Rating : 2/5

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