Brahmanandam becomes Grand Dad!

Many Telugu households since the last of 80’s decade and start of 90’s to till date are deeply indebted to an actor for making them laugh effortlessly at his expense. He fell from heights, made adult jokes, cried, took punches on his bald head and also height. Never ever did we complain about his lack of dexterity in making us roll on floor laughing. He even made us cry in few films and we enjoyed his performances in over 1000 films and the man is still going strong in demand and is ready to entertain us at any given chance.

Due to age and fatigue over the years, he decided to take it slow on his body and only acting in few films. Recently, he appeared in films like Khaidi No.150 and Om Namo Venkatesaya. Such a legend’s home is filled with happy and prosperous times with the arrival of a little angle in the form of his son’s baby boy. We do not yet know the name of the boy but the actor shared his happiness with world.

His son Gautam tried his hand at acting with few films here and there. Even though he is encouraged by stalwarts in Industry, he could not score a hit to secure a place for himself in the big bad world of acting. Slowly, he is trying to change that and his next, Manu directed by Phanindra Narisetty is being talked about these days and the crowd funded movie could be a turning point in his acting career. He and wife, Jyotsna are on cloud nine with the arrival of the baby and soon they will visit Lord Venkateswara temple in Tirumala to take his blessings for the baby. Well, happy times for the Hasyanandam of our Telugu Cinema! Congratulations!

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