Bluff Master

Satya Dev ever since Jyothi lakshmi is trying hard to become one of the rising young talents. His latest film is Bluff Master, a remake of Tamil hit, Sethuranga Vettai. Let’s discuss how it is …

Plot: Avni (Nanditha Swetha) falls for a huge business man, Uttam (Satya Dev). She falls for him thinking he is a good man. He too maintains that persona. But then she gets to know it is all a ruse to con people. He thanks for being part of his elaborate scheme. Will she ever meet him again forms the rest of the plot.

Performances: Satya Dev is good and improving with every performance. But he seems to be getting slightly monotonous in few scenes. If he can erase such errors to stay in the character more in each film, he has a bright future.

Nanditha Swetha overacts and did not suit as an innocent woman at all. She fails in understanding the difference between acting innocent and overacting. All others are just fine.

Technicalities: Navin Nooli as an editor seems to be trying to edit films as private videos than the serious films. The movie edit doesn’t work in comparison with the original.

Dasarathi Sivendra tried to give the movie a tone but that doesn’t sync with the main story. Also it looks like an old stock that we are watching than a new one.

Sunil Kashyap music is not upto the level of the original. His BGM is also very bad and not so suitable to the narration.

Gopi Ganesh as a writer and director tried to execute the movie being true to the original. His writing is weak as he tries to discuss issues with characters using only dialogues. The story progression is also completely dependent on the conversations than the visuals. The storytelling is also very immature that we don’t feel for the characters.

Analysis: The major issue with a good premise is that it needs better writing and even better character depth. There the movie falls flat with the characters overreacting at few crucial episodes. But the story has enough good elements that keeps us interesting throughout the movie runtime.

The performances of Satya Dev, Shijju, Aditya Menon are good and they we feel for their characters. There are ingredients in the movie and story that could have made it a fun ride that we cannot miss. Still, it comes across as not a bad attempt from a young team.

Rating: 2.5/5

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