Bhairava Geetha

Even though RGV doesn’t really care for content anymore, he does have a penchant to produce, direct and write movies. So, he tries to tell the same old stories in a new weird way. Does his assistant try to do the same? Or is the film actually good?

Plot : Bhairava (Dhanunjay) is a slave to Subba Reddy (Balarajwadi) who is ungrateful to all the people that work him. He thinks they live to serve him and he lives to rule them. He decides to marry his daughter Geetha (Irra Mor) to Keshava Reddy (Bhaskar Manyam)’s son Katta Reddy (Vijay Ram). Geetha runs away from home and expresses her love for Bhairava. All three Reddys become one to chase the lovers down!

Performances : Dhanunjay as an actor surprised many with his raw portrayal as a drug addict rowdy in Tagaru opposite Shiv Raj Kumar. His screen presence was 100 times better and he had clue about what and why he is doing certain things. Here all he had is a camera that follows him and tries to be character while he hams. He doesn’t impress at all.

Irra Mor is good at looking blank into the spaces, camera when asked to emote. She is value addition RGV factory heroines of the latest generation, who perfected the act of blankness. Vijay Ram tried to be Abhimanyu Singh from Raktha Charitra but ended up being a poor copy of Xerox with all ink but no matter. Balarajwadi and Bhaskar Manyam hammed as much as they can to no good!

Technicalities : Jagadeesh Cheekati couldn’t really try to do cinematography by handling the camera to record someone’s life for us to feel sad and sorry for them. Instead, we feel sad and sorry for him for having to move so much while it was unnecessary.

Ravi Shankar used all popular tunes as BGM and for songs he just scored something, he felt will work than really trying to figure out a way to give worthy music. He seems to be highly influenced by Baahubali.

Anwar Ali did the editing job. He should get an oscar for being able to look at this content for days together to give it a shape. His mind would have exploded ten times.

Siddharth seems to be the biggest follower and fan of RGV. He seems to have just decided to ape him than really make a film with unique voice. After a point, figuring why the camera goes to one’s face becomes a task. You can definitely entertain yourself by making it a play to determine how much any actor can ham and how much each actor does here.

There is never a doubt in the ability of RGV prior to him becoming someone who got bitten by a radioactive lizard that makes people lazy instead of giving them superpowers. Seems like Siddharth got bitten by same lizards distant cousin on a rainy day for him to produce such a film!

Analysis : When you first take a camera in your hand, you tend to test it and try all angles as many as you can to shoot so that you get to practice. Recent RGV movies turned out to be such camera experiments and this one adds to that elite list. Director wanted to see if he can pan a camera, he did. He wanted to see if he can zoom-in, he did.

Also, he wanted to show the heroine’s body in different angles, he did. He wanted to put up some scary and weird close ups, he did. But he is amatuer in understanding emotions and asks actors to perform. So, he wanted to deliver a gut wrenching thrill ride that leaves a bad after taste while it also gives a feeling of triumph, but he couldn’t.

Rating : 1/5

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