Few movies concentrate on just finding a way to the theater and few concentrates on telling a story. Rajendra Prasad very emotionally talked about this Bewarse movie. Let’s discuss how the movie shaped out to be …


Lucky (Sanjosh) doesn’t have a job even after completing B. Tech. This makes his father Satyamurthy (Rajendra Prasad) furious and frustrates him. Lucky’s sister is unable to form a truce between them. A guy called Karthi (Abhi) impresses her father to the core to marry her. But there is a twist in the tale. Watch the movie if you would like to know about it.


Sanjosh is the lead actor of this film. He doesn’t really know how to behave in front of the camera or how to deliver a line. He is robotic at all times and very confused in every frame.

Rajendra Prasad is the saving grace of this film. For his talent, this movie is nowhere is a testament or testimony. He performed excellently but even he couldn’t be the psycho convincingly that the director demanded him to be in the climax episode. Harshitha, Abhi are forgettable. All others did not make an impression.


Chittibabu did the cinematography for this movie. Rather we can say that he kept camera wherever director wanted him to and finished his work.

Sunil Kashyap’s music seems like he just used his own tunes and remixed them for this one. He did not really seem to have been asked much as well.

M.R. Varma just made a cut that he can from the material he is given. If it all makes a sense or not, even he did not care much.

Ramesh Cheppala, the director of the film, who is also the writer, made a guidebook for all the newcomers on not to make a film because you got a chance. Filmmaking is never easy and respecting 100s of people who work for a film and live on it, needs to be on our mind whenever we make a film and this film is an example of when we don’t give respect but just make a film for the sake of it. We should thank him for giving us such an experience and example, selflessly.


Serials and regular crime based shows have been highly concentrating on showing different kinds of violence women can face by taking inspiration from films. They have been adopting the script writing rule, “See 10 films to understand how to write” literally and are using different film scenes. Now, film directors and writers also learn the same thing but they need to use that policy to understand how you should write to the screen and how not to, as well.

But this filmmakers just tried to use every cliche in the book you can find and followed Puri Jagannadh’s style of writing a screenplay completely. Every minute of the movie you feel like you have watched it somewhere and that’s a great consistency in this inconsistently made film. This is a laugh-out-loud film when Rajendra Prasad is not on-screen as performances and scenes are so bad! If Rajendra Prasad drives you to give this one a try look at the trailer once again!

Rating: 1/5