A battle for title among the fans!

We are in an age of Social Media revolution and we have been witnessing many fan wars on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. As we speak some actor’s fans might want to prove their actor’s box office stamina or some other might want to pass a comment on other hero’s collections, appearance or link ups. The war for the titles has gone up exponentially these days. The usage of polls, old scenes to make mocking trolls and some elevation videos to their stars as grown even more with a huge frenzy.

If you go on Twitter, Facebook and any social networking site you see Timelines filled with abuses in the name of discussions among the fans. All you watch is one trying to pull the leg of another in the name of timepass, comedy and to feel a sense of belonging. Many doctors and psychologists have commented on such phenomena that people tend to go through Identity crisis when they fail to get a social appreciation that they think they deserve and resort to any kind of ways to achieve that. If you carefully observe these fan wars and titles appears to be the same.

Such abuses won’t do any good for their beloved star, one man’s post or opinion doesn’t change the facts but they still try to prove as much as they can to the world that their star and their love is greatest in some way or the other. This sort of obsession among the youth has become so toxic that actors are finding it hard to state their opinions freely on social media. Even Tapsee who just made a comment on some ridiculous song, had to apologise so that the abuses can die down. If a society cannot accept a good critique of itself then it ends up being the most darkest place with nomads roaming around. We all need to understand that being a Fan is an emotion and it is not a job!