Ban Arjun Reddy – V Hanumantha Rao

Arjun Reddy movie has become a blockbuster within few days if it’s release and it looks it will breach the double or triple blockbuster range business norms and become even huge in the coming days. Vijay Devarakonda and Sandeep Reddy Vanga are being praised by many regular viewers and also filmy folks. The movie is being said to be as path-breaking as SHIVA that came roughly three decades ago. We have to see if the movie can really influence such a change in the long run but as off it is one of the best movies of this year and decade in Telugu Cinema.

Well, among all the praises it is receiving it is also being constantly targeted by political parties, mainly by senior Congress politician V. Hanumantha Rao. He has taken it upon himself to get the movie banned. He said in a press meet, “KTR has called Vijay and Arjun Reddy, a rockstar. I don’t see what is rocking in a movie that highlights a person taking drugs and drinking alcohol constantly.”

He continued, ” Being in a doctor profession and in an impressionable medium like cinema, if a hero is shown like they did in the film, what kind of a message are we giving. Telangana government should either ban the movie or ban the drug investigation in Hyderabad.” To this, Vijay Devarakonda once again responded in a way that some of the onlookers felt it is too arrogant. He said, “If by praising me or my movie, somebody becomes my family member than SS Rajamouli, all the actors should be related to me. As far as RGV goes, we know whose dad he is. So, #TathayyaChill and enjoy the movie. Don’t watch what you cannot digest.” The fight seems to giving more PR to the movie but in a most unnecessary way!vijay-devarakonda-about-vh

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