Balakrishna is my support system during the drug scandal – Puri

Nandamuri Balakrishna and Puri Jagannath are coming together for a film, Paisa Vasool. The actor is happy with the film and he looked high on spirits at the audio event held recently. Even Puri Jagannath looked highly pleased and we got to know why so. The director talked about the film to the media and he said, “ I wanted to work with Balayya from long time but it is now, that I am able to go with a script to him. I wanted to narrate the complete script but he said, he will be doing my film after 10 minutes and showed enormous trust on me.”

“He did not care, if my movies are flops or hits, he said to me, don’t worry about the result and keep doing my work. He wakes up at 4:00 Am in the morning and is at the sets by 6:00 AM. I am happy that he is so disciplined and also, he is man to call my family and lend his support during the whole chaos. It was a disturbance but the way my family supported me, I felt really happy,” said the director.

He continued, “ I maintain a healthy lifestyle and toil hard on my work. When people called me names as Drug abuser and peddler, my daughter responded emotionally. I am a tough nut to crack but my family can’t be that strong like me. So, when my daughter reacted the way she did, I was proud. Soon, she will debut as a producer. I want to write ten stories and give them to different directors to make and I could produce them as well. My passion is to write and I enjoy it as well.” His film Paisa Vasool will release on 1st of September. Shriya Saran, Muskaan Sethi, Kyra Dutt are playing the important roles along with Kabir Bedi.

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