Bahubali 2 follows the Bahubali 1 sentiment!

Bahubali is the Magnum Opus of India, that has made everyone in the country and few other nations to take note of Indian culture and the way of story telling, especially South Indian. Film is a strong way to communicate with others and Bahubali established a great connection for Telugu Cinema across the Nation and around the globe. Being a VFX extravaganza it need not had to develope a separate language rather than visuals for this. But being the biggest and most talked about status some times effects one film in a way that you can least expect. Since everyone will be interested to know the intricate details and watch the scenes unfold even before the release, there could be few who take advantage of this situation and start leaking the highly guarded information.

At times, due to this leakage, the film crew had to take steps to avoid the further leaks and even change the final scene to keep the surprise element intact. Films survive on mesmerizing audience at the theatres so if any information is released out and audience come with over expectations or know how they may not like the actual output. Even leaks of songs and scenes have become highly common these days with many people attending shootings and recording the proceedings with their cell phones. But many other films have been facing the leakages from editing rooms or vfx companies. Whole first half of Attharintiki Daredi was leaked before release and Bahubali 1 had a good 12 minutes portion of war episode leaked. Following that a good 2 mins portion of another war episode has been doing rounds from yesterday night.

The leakage has been immediately stopped from spreading by hyperactive fans of hero and team. But the damage of many people watching it has happened already. The clip showcased both Prabhas and Anushka , in a war attire it seems. Many people have been forwarding the clip across. Now the team of Bahubali is trying to trace out the source as again few VFX shots are subject of leak and they need to put a tight leash on these kind of incidents. But few people are suspecting it has a step taken by movie team itself to counter 2.0 popularity and shift the eye towards them.

While few more are going ahead and commenting that it is nothing but sentiment that the movie team is following after how the first one became a sensational hit despite of the leak. One thing must be remembered here, absolutely no team would want to release their own hardwork in such a low resolution and unfinished manner. Bahubali team needs to have tight leashes and improve on the security far better than they have employed.

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