Babu Baaga Busy

The major highlight of our society is that it has created some rules that distinguish a human from an animal. At times, human nature does fall prey for animal instincts within unable to control urges. One such man is Madhav who from very young age fell prey to his sexual urges and as he grew up they turn out into a dangerous addiction. While he finds them to be cool and acceptable can others do too? Can any woman love such a person who lust senses are always at high alert.

Plot : Madhav (Srinivas Avasarala) falls for the temptations of sex at a very early age. He watches the B-grade sex films at a lonely theatre and thinks about himself as a cool guy who understands woman just by their scent. He becomes a love guru for all his mates in tenth and from then on, in his journey of high sexual urges he meets Paru Menon (Tejaswi Madivada). Cheats on her with a married woman Saritha (Supriya Ayosala) and then tries to develop a relation with Shoba (Sri Mukhi). When his family black mails him to get married at any cost, he meets Radha (Mishti Chakraborthy). So what will transpire next? Can both settle and accept for who they are?

Performances : The cast tries hard to find a way to give convincing performances. But they fail to match up to the intensity of the original in any manner. Avasarala Srinivas looks completely miscast for this role. He doesn’t have the swag to pull off the role of a playboy or a person that can sweep multiple woman off their feet. He tried his best but in trying to ape a nuanced performance by Gulshan Devaiah but doesn’t meet up with the expectations. Mishti Chakraborthy does perform well, but after a point her character fizzles out and you feel even her performance has hit a monotone. Sri Mukhi, Supriya Ayosala and Tejaswi Madivada doesn’t live upto the expectations.

Technicalities : Editing in the movie needs to be mentioned specially. The editor of the movie fails to trim down some draggy scenes and doesn’t even try to maintain a story flow from his side. It looks like he just did a cut paste job to give out an output. Cinematographer Suresh Bharagava understands that for a film like his staging or framing or even defining an image quality well enough. He just tries to increase exposure on ambient lighting and doesn’t try to set a tone for the movie.

Music by Sunil Kashyap doesn’t give the movie required pep. He scores once again inspired tunes and his BGM falls flat. In his penchant to use heavy duty score trying to induce laughter he just irritates to the core.
Screenplay and Direction by Naveen Medaram is highly mediocre. He fails to create a binding film that lets you enjoy the human desire taking over a man right from adolescence. He just executes the written word without any emotion. He fails in creating a compelling film that can stand true in front of the original.

Analysis : The movie doesn’t live upto the original in any way. It falls pale in comparison in every aspect with Hunterr and makes you cringe about such a dishonest attempt. Hopefully, the makers will realise at least now that trying to remake a sex comedy is not easy and you need enough maturity to make such a movie. On the whole, you can easily skip the movie in this Bahubalian weekend.

Rating : 1.5/5

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